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Ultra Dynamics Replacement UV Bulbs and UV Lamps

Ultraviolet Water Purifiers > Replacement UV Bulbs AND UV Lamps > Ultra Dynamics Ultraviolet Bulbs
Our OEM Ultraviolet Air and Water Purifiers replacement UV bulbs and UV lamps are made in the USAWe carry genuine OEM replacement Ultraviolet lamps and UV bulbs for nearly every manufacturer of an air or water filtering and purification system that utilizes an Ultraviolet UV lamp or bulb as a purification and sanitizing feature.

Our replacement Ultraviolet UV Water and Air Purifier / Sanitizer Germicidal UV Bulbs & Lamps are manufactured in the USA. Our UV Lamps and Bulbs ARE NOT the manufactured in China less expensive replacement bulbs you will often find offered by a number of Internet UV bulb retailers. Our UV bulbs and lamps are OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and are delivered to you via FREE Ground Shipping** in the Continental U.S.

Most OEM UV Lamp / Bulb retail prices start at $115.25 - OUR PRICE for your OEM Replacement UV Lamp $99.25* - Includes FREE Ground Shipping** in the Continental U.S.A.

*Currently 1 replacement bulb offered below is priced higher due to higher bulb cost - Any Ultra Dynamics replacement UV bulb priced above the $99.25 base price, are clearly marked with their special pricing. Free Continental U.S. Ground Shipping still applies.



Ultra Dynamics UV Bulbs & Ultraviolet Lamps

Replacement Lamps
Model No. / Part No.
Lamp Part No.   Order
Watts* Length
250 17 357 mm 05-1380-R  
250 17 357 mm 05-0058-R  
5340 SUD 39 860 mm 05-0506  
5340 UD 39 860 mm 05-0506  
5360 SUD 39 860 mm 05-0507  
6000-2 41 843 mm 05-1382-R  
6780 SUD 65 1572 mm 05-0509  
7001-153 75 1554 mm 05-1338A-R  
7001-158 75 1554 mm 05-1337-R  
7001-727 7.9 287 mm 05-1108-R  
7001-803 41 843 mm 05-1382-R  
7001-805 14 287 mm 05-1366-R  
7001-8055 14 287 mm 05-0504  
7001-806 17 357 mm 05-1380-R  
7001-807 41 843 mm 05-0001-R  
7001-809 17 357 mm 05-0058-R  
7001-814 32 689 mm 05-1352-R  
7001-821 14 287 mm 05-1098-R  
7001-915 14 287 mm 05-1120-R  
7001-941 65 1572 mm 05-0508  
7008-246 41 843 mm 05-1343-R  
7008-247-1 41 843 mm 05-1341-R  
7008-248 17 357 mm 05-1346-R  
8030 41 843 mm 05-1382-R  
8030 UD 41 843 mm 05-1382-R  
8040 65 1554 mm 05-1017A-R 149.00
8050 SUD 14 287 mm 05-0504  
8060 SUD 17 357 mm 05-0505  
8060 UD 17 357 mm 05-1380-R  
9410 SUD 65 1572 mm 05-0508  
DW7 17 357 mm 05-1380-R  
*Approximate (Wattage is lamp watts only and does not include ballast loss.)


Replacement Lamps
Model No. / Part No.
Lamp Part No. Order
Watts* Length
DW15 41 843 mm 05-1382-R
P1 14 287 mm 05-1366-R
P1 14 287 mm 05-1120-R
P3 17 357 mm 05-1380-R
P3 17 357 mm 05-0058-R
Q1 32 689 mm 05-1352-R
S2 14 287 mm 05-1120-R
S2 14 287 mm 05-1366-R
S6 17 357 mm 05-0058-R
S6 17 357 mm 05-1380-R
S15 41 843 mm 05-1382-R
S30 41 843 mm 05-0001-R
S30 41 843 mm 05-1382-R
*Approximate (Wattage is lamp watts only and does not include ballast loss.)

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