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FREE Ground Shipping for most Purest Filters water treatment products
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NO SALT Water Softener Systems - Home and Commercial use NO SALT Water Softeners

Water Filters Home Page > NO SALT Water Softeners
For Home or Commercial use Hard Water Softeners - FULLY ASSEMBLED and ready for Installation

NO SALT Water Softeners - Scale Prevention System (New Technology) Benefits

  • No SALT Water Softeners for home and commercial usesNO lime scale build-up on pipes, fixtures or appliances and can even remove existing scale in some cases! 
  • Easy Installation, Two Connections, Simple pipe in /pipe out! - shown at right... click on image to view as larger - scroll down or click here to learn more about this valve.
  • Saves water - NO backwash required simple flow through to point of use!
  • NO power required - NO timer or backwash cycle!
  • NO chemicals or salt required!
  • NO maintenance! NO drain required!
  • NO brine discharge. Can be used in areas where conventional water softeners are banned.
  • Will not harm the environment; adds or removes nothing from the water while giving the benefits of soft water!
  • Saves energy by eliminating the need to heat through insulating scale and save money by extending the life of pipes and appliances!
  • The essential calcium and magnesium nutrients removed by traditional water softeners remain and there is no sodium added as with traditional softeners to aggravate cardiovascular or other health problems.
  • 50% less soap and detergents required and enjoy whiter whites and brighter colors without hard water stains!
  • Fits in smaller space, with one tank, no brine tanks or large regeneration tanks!

Your NO SALT Water Softener System is delivered to you with all Filter Media preinstalled into the no maintenance single tank system.

Water Softeners are primarily used for removal of unwanted calcium, magnesium, lime, and up to 3 ppm of iron. These minerals in water are in rock form and cannot be utilized by the human body. Commonly referred to as lime, they form scale in plumbing and soap curd on objects cleaned with hard water. Mineral particles even become deposited between cloth fibers, leaving laundry dingy looking, while deteriorating the fabric.

Additional Benefits of a Water Softener:

Keeps skin and hair healthy and healthier looking
• Keeps all fixtures from scaling and corrosion
• Addition of water softener will most probably increase the life of your hot water heater
• Keeps clothes soft and bright, use less detergents
• Streaks and spot-free glassware and dishes, use less detergents and rinse additives
• Spotless and free from soap scum showers and bathtubs
• Save time, money and energy in all types of cleanings

These units also remove lead. The EPA estimates more than 40,000,000 people in the united states use water that contains harmful levels of lead. Lead contamination can cause serious damage to the brain and nervous system. The clearest best tasting water may contain lead, but you won't know until it is too late. The softener you select should have a large enough capacity for the hardness and quantity of water used in your home.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS - Call us TOLL FREE: 1.800.738.1750 or DIRECT 561.660.3250


If comparing with other units on the Internet, be sure to verify that those units are delivered assembled and ready for installation. View a generic water softener installation guide HERE. Please refer to your specific water softeners installation guide for any specific installation requirements for your water softener system. Our price includes FREE Continental U.S. Shipping!

NO SALT Water Softeners - Scale Prevention Systems
Model Flow Rate GPM*
(*gallons per minute)
Specifications Price Order / Add to Cart
10 GPM ScaleStop Softener
10 GPM 7x44" tank
1" MPT Elbow PVC
ScaleStop Info Sheet (.pdf)
ScaleStop Info & Specs Sheet (.pdf)
ScaleStop Installation & Operation Manual (.pdf)
12 GPM ScaleStop Softener
12 GPM 8x44" tank
1" MPT Elbow PVC
ScaleStop Info Sheet (.pdf)
ScaleStop Info & Specs Sheet (.pdf)
ScaleStop Installation & Operation Manual (.pdf)
16 GPM ScaleStop Softener
16 GPM 9x48" tank
1" MPT Elbow PVC
ScaleStop Info Sheet (.pdf)
ScaleStop Info & Specs Sheet (.pdf)
ScaleStop Installation & Operation Manual (.pdf)
20 GPM ScaleStop Softener
20 GPM 10x54" tank
1" MPT Elbow PVC
ScaleStop Info Sheet (.pdf)
ScaleStop Info & Specs Sheet (.pdf)
ScaleStop Installation & Operation Manual (.pdf)
30 GPM ScaleStop Softener
30 GPM 12x52" tank
1" MPT Elbow PVC
ScaleStop Info Sheet (.pdf)
ScaleStop Info & Specs Sheet (.pdf)
ScaleStop Installation & Operation Manual (.pdf)

Additional home systems offering 50 GPM & 75 GPM are available.
Commercial systems available from 10 GPM up to 450 GPM are also available - please contact us directly for information, pricing and ordering
Call us TOLL FREE: 1.800.738.1750 or DIRECT 561.660.3250

How ScaleStop NO Salt Water Softeners Works

  • Calcium ions, magnesium ions and bicarbonate ions in untreated water form scale on the inside walls of pipe, exterior of fixtures and on heating surfaces because crystallization is not taking effect efficiently between the ions due to their suspension between water molecules and the need to come together in the proper alignment to form crystals. Therefore they form as scale on the surfaces of the water system.
  • The system is a simple “physical water treatment” known as TAC (Template Assisted Crystallization) Template=mold, guide or pattern. Assisted=Help or make easy. Crystallization form a definite shape.
  • Inside the TAC treatment tank are porcelain beads with the atomic level pattern of the crystal etched on their surface allowing for the calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate ions to come together on the template to created millions of microscopic crystals of scale that rapidly form and are released from the bead immediately into the treated water, not forming on the contact surfaces of the water system and are carried downstream in suspension through the water system.
  • The crystal formation on the microscopic crystals (seed crystals) created on the beads and released in the water stream are the lowest energy reaction possible between the ions therefore existing scale will be dissolved back into the water stream by reacting with and forming crystals.
  • The seed crystals are constantly being formed on the beads and released as catalyst for crystal growth in the water steam.
  • Crystallization is the process that the “magnet process” and “electrical charging of water” claim to achieve. But by independent testing the electrical and magnetic methods are a maximum of 60% effective at scale prevention leaving an unacceptable level of 40% scaling. The TAC method is tested at 99.9% efficient at scale prevention and removal.
NO SALT Water Softener Features
  • Extremely efficient - 5 seconds contact time regardless of hardness level. Conventional Ion Exchange resin requires 90 seconds.
  • No salt or other regenerants required.
  • No water waste from backwashing.
  • No brine discharge. Can be used in areas where conventional water softeners are banned.
  • Long lasting media-not consumed by the reactions.
  • Unique "Template Assisted Crystallization" (TAC) technology induces the formation of microscopic calcium crystals which effectively isolate hardness from the water chemistry.
  • No control valve or electricity required.
  • Media can be used in both conventional mineral tanks or POU cartridge form.
  • Media operates in upflow condition.
NO SALT Water Softener Applications

next-ScaleStop has proven itself in a variety of applications as an alternative to ion exchange softening or other conventional water treatment methods. The maintenance-free characteristics make it especially suited for Foodservice and Commercial applications where equipment maintenance is often overlooked. next-ScaleStop is a great alternative for residential use, especially in areas with brine discharge restrictions or where brackish water makes it impossible to operate a conventional softener.

next-ScaleStop Commercial Applications

Food Service & Institutional

  • Steamers
  • Ice Machines
  • Espresso & Coffee Machines
  • Proofing Ovens and more...

General Commercial / Industrial

  • Hotels, Hospitals, Apartments, Carwashes, Restaurants, etc.
  • RO Pretreatment
  • Humidifiers, Evaporative Cooling
  • Instantaneous or tankless water heaters and more...

1191 In-Out Head - Click image below to view as larger

No SALT Water Softeners for home and commercial usesMolded out of a rugged thermoplastic resin, the 1191 Head features a 1/4" FPT air vent port which can be drilled out to accept an air relief valve. The 1" Head is fully ported to provide maximum flow rates.

The 1191 incorporates a standard 2 1/2" tank connection and features parallel inlet and outlet ports to easily adapt to standard plumbing connections or Clack's all-plastic, four-way bypass valve. A full line of fitting plumbing connection kits are available.

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Those items above 80 lbs require additional shipping costs. Those items are clearly marked.

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