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UV Dynamics UV Water Sanitizers & Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

Ultraviolet Water Purifiers > UV Dynamics General Use UV Water Sanitizers
This page features our series of UV Dynamics General Use Ultraviolet water sanitizers and purifiers.
  • 14 home and commercial use UV Dynamics Ultraviolet Water Sanitizers are featured directly below
UV Dynamics UV Water Sanitizers and water disinfection systems
UV Dynamics UV Water Sanitizers
6 GPM to 50 GPM
360 GPH to 3,000 GPH

UV Dynamics Ultraviolet Water Sanitizers and UV Water Filters

UV Dynamics UVD240 Shown Above
UVD800 Shown Below

Home & Commercial use UV Water Purifiers
14 Units to choose from - featured below



UV Dynamics UV Water Purifiers and Sanitizers replacement uv lamps, bulbs, sleeves and rebuild kits

UV Dynamics Ultraviolet Water Purifiers and UV Water Sanitizers utilize germicidal ultraviolet lamps that produce short wave radiation lethal to bacteria, viruses, parasites and other microorganisms present in water such as coliform, E coli, Giardia, Staphylococcus, algae, mold and much more..

Click HERE to view list of Microorganisms disinfected by UV

With flow rates ranging from 6 to 50 gallons per minute, the UV Dynamics ultraviolet light water disinfection series is suitable for use in small and large homes as well as small commercial and industrial installations.

Remove Iron and Rust from your water with our Full Size Iron Filtering SystemsThe microprocessor controlled UV power source is designed for long life and includes both visual and audio lamp failure alarms as well as an annual lamp change timer. Optional isolated low voltage solenoid drive outputs and UV monitors allow for customization to specific installation requirements.

Economical and safe, the UV Dynamics Ultraviolet Water Purifiers offer rapid water treatment without the use of heat or any dangerous chemicals - often for the lowest cost available by any means.

The UV Dynamics General Purpose UV Water Sanitizer & UV Water Purifiers Features Include:

• Water Purification from 6 to 50 gallons per minute [GPM] = 360 to 3,000 gallons per hour [GPH]
• Potable & high purity water point-of-use applications
• Passivated and polished 304 Stainless Steel reactor chambers manufactured from A249 pressure rated tube
• UV bulb life of approximately 9,000 hours (approx. 375 days)
• Reduces bacteria, viruses, protozoa and microorganisms by 99.99%
• Microprocessor controlled UV power source with audible and visible lamp failure alarms
• Annual UV lamp replacement reminder feature
UV Dynamics Ultraviolet water purifier• Lamp life remaining feature
• Domed quartz sleeve to simplify servicing
• No tools required for regular servicing
• Easy-service lamp connector
• Multi-Installation Options - Can be mounted horizontally or vertically
• UV Dynamics warranty information
• QR codes enable access to quick reference maintenance guide via smart phones
• UV Dynamics EPA Registration # - EPA Est 089330-CAN-001.

UVDynamics Standard Series UV Water Sanitizers Info

Our UV Water Purifiers and UV Water Sanitizer Applications include:
  • Home and Business water disinfection
  • Well Water purification, sanitizing and disinfection
  • Surface Water disinfection
  • Municipal Water sanitizing
  • Restaurants, Food Service and Food Processing water purification uses
  • Hospitals, Healthcare and Clinics
  • Aquaculture
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hotels and Resorts, Campgrounds, Rural and Remote Community water treatment
  • Water Bottlers and Beverage Bottlers
  • Laboratories
  • Marine and Aquarium uses
  • Agricultural and Farming water disinfection
  • Water Parks, Public Pools
  • and more...
  • UV Water Disinfection FAQs

Questions about our UV Water Sanitizers or Want to Build a Custom System? - Call us Toll Free 1-800-738-1750

 Stainless Steel UV Dynamics Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

Models with flow rates from 6 GPM up to 50 GPM (360 GPH to 3,000 GPH)

UV Dynamics Ultraviolet Water Sanitizers and UV Water Filters
UV Dynamics UVD240 shown above left / UVD800 shown above right
Click on ANY image above to view as a larger image slideshow gallery

UV Dynamics Model # Flow Rate
Dimensions Port Size
Electrical Solenoid
Price Order
Width Height Length
UVD180 6 gpm 6" 16" 3/4” 120V No $415.00

UVD240 8 gpm 18” 3/4” 120V No $467.00
UVD245 8 gpm 6.5” 16” 3/4” 120V No $462.00

UVD320 10 gpm 18” 3/4” 120V Yes $598.00
UVD320E 10 gpm 18” 3/4” 120V No $520.00

UVD400 13 gpm 22” 3/4” 120V Yes $625.00
UVD400E 13 gpm 22” 3/4” 120V No $572.00

UVD485 16 gpm 6,5” 24.25” 120V Yes $672.00
UVD485E 16 gpm 6.5” 24.25” 120V No $625.00

UVD600 20 gpm 6.5” 37” 120V Yes $751.00
UVD800 26 gpm 4" 6.5" 37” 120V Yes $782.00
UVD1000 33 gpm 5" 6.5" 37” 120V Yes $850.00
UVD1200 40 gpm 4" 6.5" 50.5" 1" 120V Yes $966.00
UVD1500 50 gpm 5" 6.5" 50.5" 1" 120V Yes $1,097.00

Most units offered above with built in Automatic UV Monitoring System can be viewed HERE

NOTES: Flow rates are stated at 30mJ/cmē at 95% UVT. External ballast and power cord are included.
*GPM - Gallons per Minute / *GPH - Gallons per Hour
Systems - 3/15/17 & Reviewed 6/2019

ORDER UV Dynamics Replacement UV bulbs below - SCROLL DOWN


UV Dynamics Replacement UV Bulbs & Ultraviolet Lamps

Replacement Lamps
Model No. / Part No.
Lamp Part No. Price Order
Watts* Length
Lamp for UVD8.40C     400269 $115.00
Lamp for UVD11.40C     400270 $120.00
Lamp for UVD 14.40C     400158 $121.00
Lamp for UVD 20.40C     400271 $141.00
42051 18 406 mm 05-0614 $95.00
UV Dynamics 180 28     $99.25
UV Dynamics 240 30     $99.25
UV Dynamics 245 28     $99.25
UV Dynamics 320 35     $99.25
UV Dynamics 400 40     $109.00
UV Dynamics 485 49     $125.00
UV Dynamics 600 49     $140.00
UV Dynamics 800       $140.00
UV Dynamics 1000       $140.00
UV Dynamics 1200       $159.00
UV Dynamics 1500       $159.00
*Approximate (Wattage is lamp watts only and does not include ballast loss.)

UPDATED - 8/19

Advantages of the UV Dynamics Ultraviolet Water Purification Method

Effective -
All micro-organisms are susceptible to the UV Dynamics Sanitizers ultraviolet disinfection. Effluent is guaranteed to exceed United States Public Health Standards for bacterial purity - 99.99% bacterial purity - Click HERE to view list of Microorganisms disinfected by UV
Economical - Hundreds of gallons are purified for each penny of operating cost.
Safe - No danger of overdosing; no addition of dangerous chemicals.
Fast - Water is ready for use as soon as it leaves the Ultraviolet purifier - no further contact time required.
Easy - Simple installation and maintenance. Compact units require minimum space & minimal maintenance.
Automatic - Provides continuous or intermittent disinfection without special attention or measurement.
Chemical Free - No chlorine taste, harmful chemicals uses or corrosion problems.


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