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FREE Ground Shipping for most Purest Filters water treatment products
on orders in the Continental U.S.

**Free Ground Shipping in Continental U.S.
for all items under 80 lbs. at shipping weight.
Those items above 80 lbs.
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Water Softener Systems - Home and Commercial use Water Softeners

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For Home or Commercial use Hard Water Softeners - 4 units offered below - FULLY ASSEMBLED and ready for Installation

Fleck 5800 Water Softeners for home and commercial water softening usesYour Water Softener System is delivered to you with all Filter Media preinstalled into main tank and clocks preset. You may then purchase your softener salt from anyone you wish.

Water Softeners are primarily used for removal of unwanted calcium, magnesium, lime, and up to 3 ppm of iron. These minerals in water are in rock form and cannot be utilized by the human body. Commonly referred to as lime, they form scale in plumbing and soap curd on objects cleaned with hard water. Mineral particles even become deposited between cloth fibers, leaving laundry dingy looking, while deteriorating the fabric.

Benefits of a Water Softener:

Keeps skin and hair healthy looking
Keeps all fixtures from scaling and corrosion
Addition of water softener will most probably increase the life of your hot water heater
Keeps clothes soft and bright, use less detergents
Streaks and spot-free glassware and dishes, use less detergents and rinse additives
Spotless and free from soap scum showers and bathtubs
Save time, money and energy in all types of cleanings

These units also remove lead. The EPA estimates more than 40,000,000 people in the united states use water that contains harmful levels of lead. Lead contamination can cause serious damage to the brain and nervous system. The clearest best tasting water may contain lead, but you won't know until it is too late. The softener you select should have a large enough capacity for the hardness and quantity of water used in your home.

Ultraviolet sterilization and water filtration can be added to any water softener unit. These units will pay for themselves quickly and the quality of your water will improve greatly. With clean and healthier water, your health and life will most probably greatly improve.

View our Cartridge Style Whole House Water Filter/s with Integrated UV Disinfection Systems Page - Priced from $576.00 to $1,345.00
View our Cartridge Style Single-Stage, 2-Stage, & 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter/s (NO UV) Page
- Priced from $179.00 to $399.00

Fleck 5800Fleck 5800 Water SoftenersThe simple mechanical design of the Fleck 5800 Time Clock control makes it easy to understand. Two valve body designs, one for down flow regeneration and one for up flow, cover every valve in the 5800 family - quick access to all internal components.

The Fleck 5800 controls are user friendly and easy to program. The ruggedly built timer is designed with heavy duty gears and components.

View the Fleck 5800 Info & Specifications Sheet.

Your water softener is engineered for maximum performance with minimum maintenance. All components are the highest quality in the industry and FDA approved. These water softeners deliver trouble free operation for many years with reliable service. For home, commercial and industrial applications. All  the following water softeners include an Electronic Metered Valve which shows the gallons treated by the softener.

View our Water Softener installation guide - This is a generic installation guide, be sure to follow any installation guide that is delivered with your particular water softener, as certain models may have specific installation requirements.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS - Call us TOLL FREE: 1.800.738.1750 or DIRECT 561.660.3250

Our Fleck 5800 Water Softeners offer 2 upgrades as part of our Standard Packages

1. Heavy duty Bypass
2. Electronic Metered Valve - shows gallons treated


If comparing with other units on the Internet, be sure to verify that those units are delivered assembled and ready for installation. View a generic water softener installation guide HERE. Please refer to your specific water softeners installation guide for any specific installation requirements for your water softener system.

5800 3/4" 120V / 60Hz Standard Range Electronic Metered Valve Softeners (Metered Valve shows gallons used)
Model Specifications Price Order
1A. 5800 metered - 20,000 Grain with - 8x35 p' glass tank
.66 cubic feet resin
Heavy Duty Bypass
MPT Yoke
11x34 brine tank
$730.00 Call to Order and verify your application
with our water treatment specialist,
and for product availability

TOLL FREE: 1.800.738.1750

or DIRECT 561.660.3250

2A. 5800 metered - 30,000 Grain with - 9x48 p' glass tank
1 cubic feet resin
Heavy Duty Bypass
MPT Yoke
14x34 brine tank
3A. 5800 metered - 45,000 Grain with - 10x54 p' glass tank
1.5 cubic feet resin
Heavy Duty Bypass
MPT Yoke
14x34 brine tank
4A. 5800 metered - 60,000 grain with - 12x52 p' glass tank
2 cubic feet resin
Heavy Duty Bypass
MPT Yoke
14x34 brine tank



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Purest Filters offers the best in in Ultraviolet Water purification systems for both home water filtering use and commercial water treatment. Kill all the germs and bacteria in your drinking water with our affordable home UV water purifiers.

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**Free Ground Shipping in Continental U.S. for all items under 80 lbs at shipping weight.
Those items above 80 lbs require additional shipping costs. Those items are clearly marked.

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