MEGATRON UV Water Purifier Installation & Photos of Installations

4,200 GPH to 33,600 GPH

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Megatron UV Ultraviolet water purifiers - waste water and heavy duty water purification systems

Megatron UV Ultraviolet water purifiers - waste water and heavy duty water purification systems

Megatron UV Water Sanitizer Installation Photos

Trailer Park in California for Wastewater Treatment

High School Pool, Ohio

Process Water in Ohio Mfg. Plant

Water Drinking Application
[Spring Water]

Food Processing Plant,

Twin Megatron M150's installed in wastewater plant

Twin Megatron M50's installed
in school to treat wastewater
Installation for process &
 potable water - servicing

Potable water disinfection

Gray-water disinfection systems Two Megatron M50 units servicing 115 Rooms

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