Simply one of the world’s best water filters. The Doulton Ceramic water filter has established a worldwide reputation of over 150 years for providing the ultimate in water protection (Doulton ceramic water filters have been continually manufactured since 1827).

Doulton selects the best filter materials to achieve the highest efficiency rating in reducing harmful parasites such as cryptosporidium and gardia (99.95% reduction). Lead and chlorine are significantly reduced, providing safe, great tasting water for your family and pets.

The Doulton Ceramic filter is one of the most effective water filter systems available. It is constructed of ultra-fine ceramic with a filtration efficiency of 0.9 microns absolute. Independent testing documented that the Doulton ceramic is more efficient at reducing live cryptosporidium than conventional block carbon filters tested under similar conditions.



Doulton Ceramic Water Filters are proud of their certifications;
  • NSF certified for standards 42 & 53 (chlorine, parasite, lead, turbidity, bad taste and odor reduction).
  • Manufactured in accordance with the highest international manufacturing standards. ISO99002 and BS5750.
  • Doulton’s 0.9 micron absolute filtration efficiency exceeds the EPA  requirement for Cryptosporidium (parasite) reduction.

Doulton Water Filters - Cost per Gallon based on initial purchase price

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The Doulton Ceramic Water Filters come in 4 easy to install models. (when needed, all Installation Accessories are included)

  1. HCP- countertop (durable plastic housing) no plumbing required. Connects to the faucet with an easily attachable diverter valve.
  2. HIP- undercounter (durable plastic housing) plumbing required, connects to the cold water line under sink. All accessories included. (Shut off valve excluded) A sediment pre-filter is recommended.
  3. HCS- countertop (stainless steel housing) no plumbing required. Connects to the faucet
  4. HIS- undercounter (stainless steel housing) plumbing required. Connects to the cold water line under sink. All Accessories included.

Replace the ceramic filter cartridge once a year on all models

Model# Total Order Here
HCP $191.00  
HIP $191.00  
HCS $291.00  
HIS $291.00  

Ceramic Replacement Filter for HCP, HIP, HCS, HIS

Shown Above Left to Right: Models - HIS, HIP, HCP



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How do you make the world’s best water filter better?

Doulton Ceramic + Ultraviolet Water Filter and Sterilization

The HCP+Ultraviolet Tandem Unit - (Reduces bacteria and viruses). The Doulton ceramic filter reduces parasites and particulates greater than 0.9 microns is size.

Lead and chlorine are also reduced prior to the Ultraviolet sanitizing unit. With the addition of the Ultraviolet, with a unique double pass system. The combination of Ceramic + Ultraviolet provides excellent performance in reducing waterborne pathogens. (Requires a grounded electrical outlet near the sink or under sink for undercounter model.)

The HCP+Fluoride Tandem Unit - (reduces fluoride). In addition to the Doulton ceramic benefits, The Fluoride Upgrade will reduce sodium fluoride, fluorosalicic acid and arsenic to safe levels. Filter must be changed once a year.
*The Ultraviolet & Fluoride upgrades are not available in CA, IA, WI & MA.


Model# Total

Order Here

HCP+UV (counter top) $393.00  
HIP+UV (undercounter - not shown) $493.00  
HCP+FL (counter top) $343.00  
HIP+FL (undercounter - not shown) $343.00  
Replacement filter for HIP+UV & HCP+UV
UC-RF (ceramic) $84.00  
HCP/UV (UV Bulb) $98.00  
Replacement parts for HIP+FL & HCP+FL
FL-RF $68.00  

Filtered Water Cooler Drinking Water

Ebtech - Aqua Bar POU Cooler - "Bottleless" Water Cooler

Aquabarc.jpg (78566 bytes) Model #  EBTECH

Stop spending money on bottled water! No more lifting or storing of heavy water bottles! POU coolers are easy to install, a simple one time plumbing hook up to an existing water line. The POU cooler has 6 stages of filtration for the purest water and 3 temperature settings; Hot/Cold/Cook.

Features of POU Bottleless Water Cooler:

  • Stylish Cabinet to house filters
  • Additional filters can be installed in the back of cooler
  • 5 gallon reservoir
  • Reservoir can be removed for easy sanitation
  • Unique Probe design, puts probe in direct contact with water
  • Saves energy and reduces the potential for damaging condensation
  • 2 different models: Hot, Cook, Cold & Cook, Cold
  • Manufacturers Limited Warranty
Specifications for POU Cooler "Bottleless Water Cooler"

Cabinet - The front made from heavy duty textured material. The color is molded all the way through to help conceal scratches for years of use. Side panels are painted 20 gauge textured steel to hide dents and scratches.

Drip Receptor - Ruggedly molded, 2" deep. Drops into place, easy to clean

Water Storage Reservoir - Removable 5.0 gallon capacity. Blown molded from high density polyethylene.  The cold water capacity below the baffle is 1.7 gallons

Refrigeration Unit - Convection cooled condenser.  Internally spring-mounted, hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector. No lubrication needed. Refrigerant is controlled by accurately calibrated capillary tube

Float System - Optional mechanical and optional electrical float system available. Both systems have safety float backup.

Dimensions - 12 1/4" Wide x 14 1/2" Deep x 43 1/4" High

MODELS Cook and Cold Hot, Cook & Cold
Hot Tanks Can be added to convert to Hot, Cook & Cold (Additional parts are required) Standard, made of 304 stainless steel, 500 watt heating element externally bonded. Entire assembly can be easily removed without breaking soldered connections.
Net Weight (Approx.)

51 pounds

56 pounds

Electrical 115 volts, 60Hz,; Compressor hp 1/20; full loaded amps 1.1; 3 wire service cord and polarized plug furnished. 115 volts, 60Hz,; Compressor hp 1/20; full loaded amps 5.4; 3 wire service cord and polarized plug furnished.


Hot Cold
Thermostat Water Temperature is controlled to nearly 180 degrees Fahrenheit by automatic thermostat. On-off switch is easily accessible through the condenser. Water Temperature is controlled by a fixed setting thermostat.
Capacity 45 six-ounce cups of piping hot water per hour. Provides 0.8 gallons of 50 degrees Fahrenheit water (when ambient temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit; water inlet temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit)


Model # Price

Shipping & Handling


Order Here

EBTECH- (Cook & Cold) $899.00 Please contact us directly for shipping pricing toll free 1-877-475-7652
EBTECH- (Hot, Cook & Cold) $999.00

Steri-Pen - Ultraviolet Water Purifier


Why gamble your health with the water that you drink?

The first portable ultraviolet water purifier that disinfects drinking water anywhere in the world in less than 1 minute.

  • Destroys more than 99.999% bacteria, 99.99% of viruses
  • Inactivates Parasites like Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  • Can be used at home, in the office, restaurants, hotels, or while traveling & camping
  • University tested - Highly effective in reducing bacteria, viruses and protozoa from your drinking water
  • Weighs 8 oz. with batteries & is 7 inches long
  • Meets EPA water purification standards
  • No added chemicals - Ultraviolet light provides disinfection without the use of chemicals such as chlorine and iodine
  • Uses 4 AA Alkaline batteries - provides hundreds of treatments
Model # Total Order Here
STERI-PEN $149.00  

Portable Water Filtration Bottle for Safe, Clean Water Everywhere you go!

Power Sports Bottle


Now wherever you go, you can have all the clean, safe, great tasting water you need, using any water source from home, work, school, restaurants, fountains, lakes or streams.

This lightweight filter bottle uses an advanced microporous bacteriostactic carbon block to eliminate a wide range of water pollutants.

The bottle can be refilled up to 160 times producing an equivalent of over $200.00 worth of bottled water. The filter is replaceable.

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Eliminates the need to buy bottled water that is expensive and of questionable quality.
  • Simple to use - no pumping required, just fill with any source water.
  • Nalgene Bottle holds 22 oz. of water made of non-leachable plastic.
  • With municipal water the filter bottle can be reused approximately 160 times.
  • Produces an equivalent of over $200.00 worth of bottled water.
  • Can be used in gyms, biking, running, camping, golfing, car trips, domestic and international travel.
  • Children can take it to school instead of drinking fountain water.
  • Eliminates parasites like cryptosporidium and giardia greater than 99.99%
  • Removes bacteria like E.coli 99.9999%.
  • Removes lead & heavy metals, chlorine, industrial chemicals & other contaminants.
  • Laboratory tested to meet EPA and ANSI/NSF standard 53 requirements.

Helpful Hints:

  • This filter is not intended for use with saltwater.
  • Do not allow unit to freeze.
  • Do not place in microwave oven.
  • Do not run hot water through filter.
  • Filter has a shelf life of 50 years.
  • All contaminants reduced by this water filter may not necessarily be in the user's water supply
Sports Bottle Model # Total Order Here
SB $42.95  
Replacement Filter
SB-RF $30.95  



Ultra Violet light Water Purifiers, Ceramic water filters both throwaway and changeable filter style drinking water filters, along with Air filters that feature both Hepa filtration and Ultraviolet Light sterilization for allergy free and healthier living. All these State of the Art water and air filtering, sanitizing, purification & air and water treatment systems are available from Purest Filters.

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